This survival guide goes to the newbies out there. As minecraft is dangerous enough; This adds a lot more things to be concerned about in the world.

Stage 1: Lost ashore

So, you fell off the boat or something and wash up on a shore. (or somehow inland). And get up to start survival. The first steps to modded play here, are similar to normal Minecraft. You must seek out some trees to gather wood, and get going from there

Stage 2: Scavenger

You will wander around a lot - barehanded and naked striving trough the woods like a wild beast you will stumble upon your personal little wonder - that gravel you dug away to dig your sleeping hole gave you a piece of flint!

Stage 3: Stone age / Copper Age

In this stage, you'll want to craft a flintstone pick, a spear and an axe. The stone pick can break stone. Craft a stone pick, mine more stone, and craft a decent stone spear or a heavy club. From there, you'll want to stockpile a bit of wood, food. and whatever resources you can find in the world before retreating to a cave at night. Coal is a valued commodity, so if you see it, mine all of it.
While safely in your hollowed rock, you will need to start gaining stone and coal as well as building some chests to store it. Up to now- this is exactly like a regular minecraft journey. As the game-play skews off course here a bit here. If you find copper, you will need to mine every bit you can find. From there, If you so desire. craft some copper tools(these are just as shabby as stone, but a bit longer lasting). When you're ready for the challenge, seek out lower areas, or caves to find tin ore.

Stage 4: Settler

At this stage, you should have the necessary components to make bronze. but you would still need leather, and a place to call home. this stage you will need to use your gathered stone and some wood to craft a home. (A wiser settler would use a siv to determine the local ore densities; focus on copper, tin and even iron, as minecraft bases seem to branch and cave mine the area heavily). You will need to craft a bloom and place it in your home,(keep it ventilated). With that, smelt all the bronze you can, and craft an anvil, hammer, and with those- a knife.
Seek out cows or wolves to obtain hides and pelts, and find a source of reeds to make a tanning rack. Tan the hides into leather, gather some wood and build a forge. (and if you want: a bellows)

Stage 5: Bronze Age

With your forge area and tannery set. craft some bronze tools. These tools can mine iron! Be a proud newbie with this junk! Always good to know. if you happen to have lots of bronze, make some good chain armour too. Continue regular minecrafting and gather more resources. At this point, you're ready to idle for a bit. after, ready plenty of bronze to make a bronze bloomery. (this can refine iron properly). Smelt iron ore into wrought iron in the bloomery, and get ready for some iron tools!

Stage 6: Iron Age

With the high abundance of iron, you can throw that old bronze away(though it's good for cheap tools). Wrought Iron from the bloomery can be forged into tools. You will need an iron anvil to make these (be careful, iron is harder to work with than bronze, don't get the forge too hot). Though iron is a stronger material, you can make a new set of mail with it, and some good tools. Combine wrought iron with carbon(like coal) in a bronze bloomery to make metallic iron(fancy world, it's the regular stuff you have in minecraft.. the white stuff). That can go to make regular iron things(minecarts, tracks, pistons,… unrealistic armour… and a lot of stuff). Build up a ton of the stuff. a good few stacks. stockpile on plenty of coal too, and seek out limestone. and some granite, this next bit is a tricky one.

Go ahead now and build a blast furnace. place it in a nice outdoorsy spot and rest that tired arm. Now you can put a ton of coal in the fuel slot, wait for it to heat, and put coal, limestone and iron in the top. wait a few hours(might want to get a book or something to read…) and come back with some pig iron. This material can be mixed with carbon(coal) in a bloomery to make steel.

Stage 7: Steel Age

You now have hit a good milestone. Steel is useful in it's own ways. (sure it cant make the stuff iron can) but is a branching point, allowing the crafting to branch, Any material can be crafted on your iron anvil, And from here. you can choose to make ornate or dragonforge tools(this is not required, you just can if you want… They need an ornate hammer though). Steel can also be made into blast furnaces. making them much easier, since you don't need as thick layering for steel to make it safe.

Now you can craft the almighty steel Anvil. This anvil can craft special weapons and armours, (broadsword, morningstar, spear, warpick… etc, scale, splint, plate armours. it can craft anything. with this. you're all set. From here. you would need to get some diamonds. (you could have mined them from the bronze age). But now, you can put them on steel to make encrusted tools….. or just chuck them on a stick and call it a tool if.. your poor or something. These diamond tools can mine obsidian, and mithril. Mithril will be required to branch into the next age.

Stage 8: Mithril Age (well it's still rare i guess)

At this age. You have mithril. a rare and light substance. Right now- this is as high as the mod's progress goes. But you can now mine Ignotumite with this(this isn't a required material. but its a bloody good one) if you have the patience to work with it.

But anyway. at this point, you're all good, can get anything now…

Now you're at the top of the food chain. and can play with the many things there are to offer. Considering you were probably trying to mine iron with a rock a few minutes back: You have gone a long way

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