Armour Classes

Armour classes determine the weight of worn items. heavier armours may be more protective. but debilitating to wear
Effects include move speed, swiming capabilities, sprint capabilities, exaustion(hunger) and knockback resistance and sound when worn
Effects are divided by the amount of worn apparel. eg. having only a chestplate would result in 1/3 of the effects.

Light Armour (leather, stud, scale, mithril splint)
Light armour has no effects meaning it can be worn all time round with no penalty

Medium Armour (chain, splint)
Best use in hunting and all round combat. You move 5% slower, get hungry 10% faster and have a 10% knockback resistance.

Heavy Armour (iron, steel, gold, diamond, default mod, heavy chain, dragonforge)
Heavy armour slows you down and reduces swimming capabilities. You move 10% slower, get hungry 20% faster and recieve 50% knockback resistance

Plate Armour (bronze, steel, encrusted)
Plate armour is extremely heavy, its hard to swim and impossible to sprint, you move 20% slower, get hungry 50% faster and are immune to knockback(but will still be staggered)
Plate will give a "damage immunity" with a full matching suit. negating set damage from all hits. while still damaging the armour. giving immunity to low damage.
Bronze: 1heart
Steel: 2hearts
Encrusted: 3hearts

Matching suit bonus

When wearing a full suit of the same material, you will recieve a matching set bonus based on armour class:
Light: 10% less damage
Medium: 20% less damage
Heavy / Plate: 30% less damage
Plate: Damage immunity(see above)

The Armors


  • Stealth Armor - wearing it gives a large movement bonus, and armour against falling damage.
  • Studded Leather Armor
  • Scalemail
  • Mithril Splintmail
  • Rawhide Armor
  • Blacksmith Apron (also offers protection from the forge)


  • Splintmail
  • Bronze Chainmail


  • Other Mod Armors
  • DragonForge Armor (also offers fire immunity)
  • Heavy Chain Armor
  • Vanilla armor


  • Bronze Plate Armor
  • Steel Plate Armor
  • Encrusted Plate Armor


  • Leather
  • Chain sheets
  • Belt
  • Curved plate
  • light plate
  • heavy plate - For bronze armours: use bronze chain sheet

Exact material cost for entire suit found here

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