Stealth system

The stealth system isn't very good; but (for compatibility reasons) will not be extensively featured(so don't recommend ideas. they will likely be unfeasible)

You can remain undetected by mobs. while players are just as easy to spot you as normal.
While undetected. mobs won't target you. they are effected by:

Distance to observer

Worn apparel
Sneaking/standing still

Standing still reduces noise as much as sneaking. but worn armour will make noise on any movement(except light armour)

Combat advantage

You can gain bonus damage from certain conditions
Flanking: When behind targets, you do more damage
Sneak attacks: you will land criticals when behind and undetected
-Increased fall damage inflicted on opponent if they are attacked by a dagger.
If you attack the target in the back with a dagger, while sneaking and make them fall off a height, you can do up to four times the damage.

Weight System

The weight system in Minefantasy categorises into Armour classes. The armour classes range in 4 tiers

  • Light: For everyday use(No penalty)
  • Medium: For traveling(Small penalty)
  • Heavy: For defense/heavy assault(Debilitating)
  • Plate: For Heavy Defense(Highly Debilitating)

The effects from heavier armours will slowly increase exhaustion (hunger), slow down speed, reduce knockback, and with some armours, disable sprinting.
Also effect swimming capabilities.

Effects are divided by the amount of worn apparel. eg. having only a chestplate would result in 1/3 of the effects.

Armours can also gain resistances to elemental effects set. including fire, frost, shock, arcana, corrosion and physical

Weapon Bonuses

Weapons can give a range of player bonuses when used. both offensive and defensive:

  • Criticals
  • Block Bonus
  • Damage boost
  • Armour piercing
  • Armour damaging
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