Friendly Mobs


Hounds are beefed up wolves and are superior in every way. they are found in jungles, forests and stray in plains. they will attack feeble targets and fight the player in defense

Difficulty: 5-30
Hostility: Neutral, Tameable
Health: Varies
Damage: Varies
Drops: Hound pelt

Bite: Basic damage(varied)

Hounds will wander the bushes and attack whatever it can. they will eat food from the ground and attack players who attack nearby hounds or wolves. They can be tamed with bones. each bone gives a 1 in 3 chance for a successful tame.

Alpha Hound
When a group of hounds spawn. an Alpha hound will be created, wild hounds will follow this as any owner, and attack what it attacks. Alphas will attack players. Hounds can't be tamed when following alphas. an alpha must be killed and other hounds must be passive to tame alphas cant be tamed, (don't ask either)

When a following hound gets badly hurt, it will run away, when it's finished cowering it will be ripe for the tame

Hound Items
There is a range of equipment for hounds now. Ranging from armours, forged teeth, and containers.

Hounds require certain stats to equip items:

Mail Armour Skill: defense
Basic armour
Craftable from Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril

Plate Armour Skill: defense
Higher protection
Craftable from Bronze, Steel, Encrusted, Dragonforge

(Made with bronze plates, Steel plates or encrusted plates

Forged Teeth Skill: attack
does bonus damage(will not increase via level up)
Craftable from Bronze, Iron, Steel, Encrusted, Mithril, Dragonforge

Feedbag Skill: stamina
When a hound is fed, the feedbag will fill when hunger exceeds max

Pack Skill: stamina
carries items

Dispenser Skill: attack
hounds will shoot arrows at enemies(needs mod support)

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