So you play on default Minefantasy hardmode and don't know what to do? You can't craft your wooden pick and nothing works?
You can either watch this fantastic Video by Jared Blackburn:

.. or follow this simple guide:

The Beginning

You are lost ashore and start as a simple scavanger:

  • Dig up some dirt and put it into your 2x2 crafting grid (in your inventory) - craft a sharp rock
  • Kill some animals and/or grab some vines with the sharp rock
  • you might also make some dry rocks (which only rarely work but they do work!) and a firepit to light up the area - put some planks or sticks on the firepit and light it up.
  • Put a spitroast on top of the firepit and cook your food
  • Use NEI to find out how to craft a stone pick, stone axe, primitive spear and a club, + maybe some raw hide armor and hide leggins (or check out the MineFantasy forum thread)
  • Get yourself some copper shards with your stone pick
  • Make tools and weapons with the copper shards
  • gather some cobble with your copper pick and build a stone club (javelins are also very helpful, esp. against skeletons!)

Now you're ready to enter the bronze age, although that's not the beginning (hint: you'll need 2 copper, 1 tin, a crucible, a stone anvil, a hammer, and stone tongs).

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