Hostile Mobs

There is also a variety of mobs in MineFantasy and will soon expand. They are broken into 4 categories (minion, lurker, brute, elite) however only brute and elite has mobs yet.

Mob Types:

  • Minion: Weak and low health individually. but found in groups accompanied by a leader. each using teamwork to beat their allies
  • Lurker: Everyday monster. found usually in dark areas, straight-on attack. regular health and single attack
  • Brute: tougher lurker. still dumb as rocks. but with higher stats and a small range of attacks
  • Elite: Strong and robust creatures. found in specific environments and have unique drops. have a range of attacks, defences, abilities and tactics. they have their own special AI and strategy for combat.

Difficulty: shows how prepared you should be to fight these creatures (ranges from 1(nothing) to 100(best of the best))

Brute Mobs

Minotaurs are lone hellish hybrids. usually travelling alone. they are usually found in the nether. but can be seen terrorising the above
Minotaurs spawn in dark areas, be it night or cave. They have a higher than average health and damage. Minotaurs are stronger than most mobs, but still aren't very hard to kill. Some can spawn with weapons. They will also drop Minotaur hide and beef. Minotaur hide can be tanned.

Difficulty 40
Hostility: Hostile
Health: 40
Damage: 4
Drops: Minotaur Hide, Beef

Does regular damage, knocks target back
Triples damage, increases speed

Minotaurs will pick a target and run straight in front on. They will charge whenever possible and beat their targets to death.

Spawns about 500 blocks and more from spawn. very strong and high health. They will age. and when an adult will settle in a region; creating child drakes
Drakes are large reptiles, they tend to spawn further away from the world's spawnpoint, Drakes spawn at daytime on the surface, in plains and hills. Drakes have high damage and health. Some take shelter in caves or under trees beoming extremely territorial, and have a massive combat bonus. Drakes drop drake meat and drake hide. drake hide can be tanned and drake meat can be cooked and eaten: giving a resistance bonus

Spawn: Plains, hills, daytime
Difficulty 50
Hostility: Hostile
Health: 16 hearts
Damage: 3.5 hearts
Drops: Drake Hide, Drake Meat

Drake meat has a high satiation. (meaning you can go a long time without eating after, it also buffs resistance), only when cooked

Does normal damage

Drakes will wander in the daytime. travelling plains and hills. Later in adulthood. they will seek a dark, covered area. from there they will settle. Their best hunted for meat and skins

When a drake has settled, it will hold its ground and increase its stats. drakes will go to upto 3x their normal health and damage. when chasing enemies. they will disengage, returning home after a certain distance.


Basilisks are a ranged mob. spawning in dark areas (like most mobs). Basilisks have high health and armour rating, but walk slowly, the most dangerous weapon of a basikisk is it's eyes, if you look directly at one you will be affected by it's gaze. Basilisks have 3 breeds. Poison, Petrify and nether. each more powerful than the last. Basilisks drop Basilisk meat and basilisk hide. Basilisk meat can be cooked and eaten to restore health and basilisk hide can be tanned.

Elite Mobs

Skeletal knight
Skeletal knighs are powerful, and tactical mobs that spawn in the dark. Knighs will only spawn near players with high experiance value. They are highly armoured and carry a wide array of weapons including a broadsword, dagger, mace, composite bow, and bombs. Knighs will also select a weapon depending on the context. They will use bows at range, daggers in sneak attacks, maces on armoured opponents and broadswords in any other case. A knight can be difficult to hold off, but is easily beaten with blunt weapons. Skeletal knights drop bones and equipment

Difficulty 20
Hostility: Hostile
Health: 30
Damage: 2
Armour: 6
Drops: Steel ingot, Steel broadsword, steel plate armour

Broadsword: Does 2 hearts damage

Physical: 2

Skeletal knights will attack targets front on: skeletons and zombies will attack the same target. The knight is slow but nearby skeletons will pick off the target as the knight comes in.

*Spawn eggs will cause the knight to spawn in a group(because it follows the exact method. so don't mention removing it)

Dragons are daytime monsters native to hills biomes and the nether. They are one of the smartest animals in the mod. Dragon AI varies on context and can be difficult to learn their patterns. Dragons come in 4 breeds. Red, Green, Black and Gold. Red dragons breathe more fire while Green dragons are tougher in melee. Black dragons are the most fearsome and Gold dragons are the toughest. Dragons will hover at the distance, observing. when you get close they will attack, Dragons will also attack when their target has taken their guard down. Upon fighting: a dragon will swoop down and bite their victums inflicting large damage. they will randomly take to the skies, and fly arround(making them hard to hit with arrows). they will unexpectedly fly back and breathe fire down, distracting their target. Dragons can break blocks and fire can shatter glass. expect enviromental damage from them. when building in hills: keep to sturdy fireproof materials. Dragons drop a flame gland. they can make a fire resistant Dragonforge Steel material.

Difficulty 80
Hostility: Hostile
Health: 50
Damage: 4;
Armour: 6
Drops: Gunpowder, Fire gland

Bite: Does 4 damage,
Toss: Throws the enemy in the air
Breathe fire: Blasts the enemy with flame.

Fire 100 (immunity)

Dragons are highly offensive and tend to swoop down to start their fight. attacking with their jaws. upon taking hits. they will retreat to avoid further harm. coming back with a hail of flame. and exposing the distracted burning target with another bite. The dragon will also disengage entirely attempting to loose the attacker. to return by surprise.
Dragons will also retreat when the path is blocked. either finding an alternate route or waiting to ambush the target as they go out looking for it

And what on earth!

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