Miscellaneous Blocks

There are a small variety of aesthetic blocks in MineFantasy. allowing as either an easy/strong resource or for decorative purposes

Bricks (mud, cobble, granite)

These bricks allow a prettier method of building with cobblestone and dirt

Clay Walling, Lantern


Stairs/rooving (hay, cobble, smooth)


Reinforced Planks / Door

Zombies and villagers will not interact with these doors. due to their stubbon AI
Reinforced Door

Ironbark Door

A normal door.

Steel Door

Can not be hand opened


Right click a weapon on this to sharpen it. sharpening offers a slight damage bonus
When sharpening. Minefantasy weapons display the value of sharpness.
This value shows how many uses the sharpness lasts until wearing off
Over sharpening weapons will deteriorate the item. (Max is 30, and 60 for steel, mithril, dragon, encrusted and ignotumite weapons)

Regular weapons will display a * after, to show its sharpened

Weapon Rack

Allows the hanging of tools and weapons(items without subIDs)


Bellows can temporarily increase the temperature of a forge, increasing heating time and allowing better smelts.

Dog Items

Dog bowls can be filled with any food with right clicking. after that. it can't be retrieved. when it's full. hounds will eat from it when nearby and hungry
Check Friendly Mobs


Stacked ontop of high-smoke emitters(like blooms and blast furnaces) will shift the particles upward
Made with Cobblestone, Iron, Steel, Bricks, Bronze

Blast furnace

The blast furnace is a large multiblock furnace used for mass-smelting iron in the midgame.

The blast furnace is essential for smelting large amounts of iron, and it requires fuel, flux, ore, and carbon (coal). It is slower than a regular furnace, but can be sped up with improved fuel sources. It can't smelt any other metals copper, tin, gold, or silver, but it is required in the refining of ignotumite and mithril. Unlike the bloomery, it produces full ingots at a 1:1 ratio of ores to ingots instead of 1:2.

Required Iron: 17 (1s + 38 ore)

The blast furnace is made of a 3x3x2 stone bick base with a lava source in the middle of the upper layer, an output block infront of the upper layer of the stonebrick base, a heater above the lava source, 4 furnace shafts above that, followed by an input block and 2 more shafts, with everything above the base being surrounded in a stone-based material (except for the front side of the heater and input). MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO BLOCKS ABOVE THE SHAFT EXCEPT FOR CHIMNEYS.

Big Furnaces

Big furnaces are large, expensive replacements to the vanilla furnace.

Big furnaces are used for smelting ores faster and more easily than the bloomery. They come in 3 tiers: bronze, iron, and steel. They smelt 4 items at once, but THEY DO NOT COOK FOOD. Only ores will work in big furnaces, cooking is done with a spit instead.

Requires 44 ingots for a full furnace.

  • The Furnace blocks must be placed over a furnace hearth
  • Surrounding the left, right, back and top of the furnace block needs a block of it's material(bronze furnace uses bronze blocks,
  • Iron uses iron blocks, and steel uses steel blocks). You can also put other furnace blocks behind or on the sides(meaning you can
  • line up furnaces with only 2 sides needed)
  • Surrounding the left, right and back of the heater block can be any stone:
  • The heater under bronze furnaces can be any stone
  • The heater under iron furnaces can be any stone with 2.0 hardness or higher(like slate)
  • The heater under steel furnaces can be any stone with 5.0 hardness or higher(like granite)
  • Furnaces can share chimneys from neibouring furnaces(only 1 block radius)
  • Make sure the front of the furnace isn't obstructed by a solid block
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Totem - Has been removed so far

You can attach runes to the sides. allowing use to attack or defend entities.

Runes - Have been removed so far

Fire: burns enemies
Holy: strikes undead
Protection: heals
Kinetic: throws enemies
Water/Cools fire/hurts endermen

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