Use a siv on ground to discover the ore density in the area(this scans a 33x33 area around you and will not pinpoint ores)

Hidden Ores

Hidden ores will now generate appearing exactly identical to stone.
Use a chisel on stone. if the stone block contains a hidden ore, it will uncover it
This tool can also break discovered ore blocks(only ones discovered by prospecing)


Generates widely, though some chunks may not contain this, found under layers 96. Mined with stone or better


Generates half as likely to copper, layers 48 and lower. Mined with stone or better


Generates pretty rarely, although difficult to find, is still a tiered material required to progress.


Found only in certain chunks. is extremely abundant in them. mined with mithril or better, This is an exotic material, it's not required to find, and you will likely go without finding any at all
This gives an alluring hum when nearby


Varies widely as low as gold. mined with iron or better


Generates in swamps, beaches and oceans, ranging in size per biome. mined with stone or better
Will also generate limestone caverns underground


Found in few chunks. but branches out and covers bedrock. mined with iron or better
These deposits are vastly scattered across the map. the ideal way to discover granite is to search low-lying caves and travelling large distances
Found above sea level commonly in extreme hills


Found in Forests and jungles

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