Smelting and refining in MineFantasy includes a small amount of processes. Rather than just tossing material in a box and waiting, there's more processing, maintaining and building required. Smelting is pretty straight forward and is used for most material, alloying and refining are further processes.



Smelting is pretty similar to what you're used to with a few changes. First of all: The regular stone furnace is disabled- no real work in that thing is there. When it comes to smelting; furnaces are expensive pieces of machinery. Before that is the bloomery.


The Bloomery is your first furnace. It is only able to smelt ingots and cost a fair amount of coal when doing so.

Bloomeries smelt like normal furnaces: The "Hardcore bloomery" option changes this. With this option: the bloomery creates blooms, these do not stack and must be handled with tongs. The side of the bloomery indicates a ready result(the process will stop at this point). right-click tongs to pick the bloom up, transfer it to the anvil, and hit it appropriately. make sure you leave your tongs empty when forging, you will need an empty set to cool the ingot.

Big furnaces how to build one

MineFantasy furnaces are expensive. Their multi-block structures costing upto 44 ingots each to make. However unlike what you may be used to: Furnaces are not ment to be made and placed about. These machines are large and costly, and each are valued to anyone. Each furnace can simultaneously smelt 4 items at a time, their speed is also effected by the heat of the furnace. Unlike normal furnaces: there's no proper smelts-fuel table, as it depends on temperature.

Furnaces can be powered by bellows(face the side wall of the bottom) and can share to neighbors. Hotter fuels and bellows speed the furnace up. Fuel burns regardless of if it can smelt, this means there's no easy toss'n'forget. You need to plan your smelts and fuel the furnace accordingly.

To build furnaces

To build a furnace: You need a heater, furnace, stone blocks with a certain hardness, and 4 metal blocks of the tier. Furnaces can share walls, meaning you can have as many furnace-heaters in between 2 walls. A single furnace is 3w, 2d, and 3h in size.

The furnace heater is made like so:
Place this down where you want the front,bottom to be.The furnace itself is made like this
Place this on top of the heater (do not obstruct the face of this or the heater face).

Next: Place stone blocks surrounding all but the front of the heater:
Bronze can use any stone
Iron needs moderately strong material(like slate)
Steel needs strong material (like granite)
Mithril needs really strong material (obsidian)

And then behind, 2 sides and above the furnace: put the 4 blocks (bronze, iron, steel, mithril blocks)


Alloying is a simple method on throwing materials together. This is handled with crucibles.


Granite crucible is larger, and can alloy higher tiers(like steel)
The crucible is used for alloying, alloys use a ratio system, meaning double input = double output
the recipes are mentioned as a ratio. eg: steel is 2:1 carbon:Wrought iron) meaning 2 coal and 1 wrought iron makes 1 steel.
4 coal and 2 wrought iron makes 2 steel Remember that vanilla iron can not be turned into steel or wrought iron, plan uses accordingly

Crucibles must be placed over a fire or lava to function. (lava makes it smelt faster)
The more items in the grid; the slower it smelts

(Carbon = coal)
(Ordinary Crucible) (3x3)
Bronze 2:1 Copper:Tin

(Granite Crucible) (4x4)

  • Steel 2:1 Carbon:Wrought Iron
  • Mithril 2:1 Flux:Refined Mithril
  • Ignotumite 4:1 Flux:Impure Ignotumite
  • Dragonforge Impure 3:1:1 Steel:FlameGland:Gold
  • Dragonforge Steel 3:1:1 Flux:Impure Dragon Steel:Carbon


Refining is a process on purifying material further. This can be used to refine a pre-existing metal, or smelt one from ore.

Blast furnace how to build one

Blast furnaces are large multi-block structures. They are used to refine material by using carbon and flux.

Trip hammers

These are simple swinging tools. These can not forge items, but are able to work some single recipes like powders, blooms and ingots.
(This is useful with hardcore iron, attatch this to a forge output, and insert hot iron).


1: Mix in granite crucible or better 2:1 Carbon:Wrought Iron

1: Smelt Ore in furnace
2: Refine In blast furnace
3: Alloy in granite crucible 1:2 Refined Mith:Flux

1: Break hunk to dust with anvil or trip hammer
2: Refine 2 times in blast furnace
3: Alloy 1:4 Ignotumite:Flux

1: Smelt iron ore in boomery (produces 1 small bloom)
2: Hammer 6 blooms into 1 ingot on anvil
(6 iron ore -> 1 ingot - a bad ration, that's why you should build a blast furnace)

1: Smelt Pig Iron (vanilla) in bloomery (produces 1 iron bloom)
2: hammer on trip hammer or anvil

1: Heat up pig iron in forge
2: move it to a trip hammer
(Trip hammer can be attached to hoppers
(for now, a redstone input automates it)

1: Alloy 3:1:1 Steel:FlameGland:Gold
2: Alloy 1:1:3 ingot:Carbon:Flux

Haft materials

  • Copper : Plank
  • Tin : Plank
  • Bronze : Haft
  • Iron : Haft
  • Steel : Strong Haft
  • Encrusted : Strong Haft
  • Dragonforge : Strong Haft
  • Mithril : Ironbark Haft
  • Ignotumite : Ebony Haft
  • Ornate : Ornate Haft


To make a mythic forge you will first need to find a 'Ancient forge' (those are the structures with the lava, obsidian, decorative end blocks and end portal blocks in a 7x7x3 square).
you will also need about 8-10 eyes of ender to put in the portal blocks to activate it so you may use the ancient crucible that is located in the middle.
to make it a master ancient crucible you will need the trilogy made by crafting all three ancient jewels together and then you right click the crucible with it.

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