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Tailoring is a process that involves sewing material together to create items. Tailoring is used for making leather
armour, hafts and other cloth items. And no, there’s no clothing or any of that pointless clutter. This is simply used
for making leather/cloth items.
Tailoring uses string as well as shaped recipes. Each craft has its minimal string tier needed. Most recipes use twine.
Recipes each have a set quantity used, each stitch made increases progress and consumes string. If you take items
off the grid and ruin the recipe; you will not get your string back.


A needle is used to sew items, right clicking this on tailor benches higher tier needles sew faster
The bone needle is simple, and low cost


Twine is used from most tailoring recipes; it is created from wool, and wrapped around sticks. For twine production;
you need a spinning wheel.

The spinning wheel doesn’t use a GUI screen. Instead; it’s all about where to click. Clicks are handled from the top of
the block, right-click the middle-front with wool; it places it on the stand. Right click the back-left corner with sticks.
With sticks and wool ready, right click the wheel to spin the twine; twine will be crated in the back right corner for
Twine can also be used to create string using glue

place wool EXACTLY here:

place sticks EXACTLY here:

spin the wheel a couple of times
get twine EXACTLY here:

Tailor Bench

The tailor bench is used for sewing items, for this, you need a shaped recipe, string, and a needle.

The tailor bench works similar to an anvil.
The 4 left slots are used for string (like twine), place them in that area. The top slot is consumed first. So put the
higher tiers lower, so low-tier recipes don’t consume it. The grid in the middle is used for the recipe shape itself. The
arrow displays progress (this consumes every stitch made). And the right slot is output
To craft: right click the top of the block with a needle. Each recipe and needle varies on the time; stitches will be
made, as a stitch is made: string is consumed and progress increases. Easier recipes and/or high-tier needles will
greatly increase speed; sometimes it can be fast enough to apply multiple stitches with one swing.


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