There's a weapon for most situations, each one has it's advantage, disadvantage and combat style. There should be one to fit your style.. heavier weapons are unsuitable for all conditions, better set on pvp or tough mob fighting.
Weapons can be made of different materials (Flint - Mithril and beyond that). The damage dealt gets only slightly higher but the weapons will last much longer.


  • Blades - Versatile, fairly decent against all foes, many can also block attacks.
  • Blunt - Blunt weapons like maces, morningstars, and warhammers are highly effective against armored baddies.
  • Axes - high damage, not effective against armored opponents
  • Polearm - polearms like halbeards and spears are great for killing opponents before they get close enough to hurt you. Spears can also be thrown for extra range.
  • Bows - Bows are your basic ranged weapons, shooting arrows at faraway foes.
  • Crossbows - crossbows are more powerful versions of bows, but take longer to reload.


Blades are the largest, most common, and most versatile class of Weapons. Blades differ primarily by size, but this gives them a fairly diverse set of properties and uses. The crafting recipes for blades are similar, adding more ingots for longer blades.

Daggers are the smallest blades, good for stealth attacks and a stealthy play style. They can also be used as an extra backup weapon for those who prefer swords.
Daggers do half the based damage for their material and have half the durability. They also have a 20% faster attack speed. However they have large stealth bonus, doing 2 1/2 times the damage when attacking undetected, and can drop attack for triple fall damage.
Use: Offsensive, Stealth weapon

Slightly more combat oriented. This does less damage than longswords, but does 3x sneak damage, can also drop for 1x fall damage + 2x WD. 10% crit chance
Use: Offsensive, Scouting weapon

Longsword (forged normal sword)
The most generic MineFantasy swords, these are excellent all-purpose weapons. The damage and durability are the base values for the material they're made from. They can also be used to block and has a 5% crit chance
Use: Versitile, Common weapon

These are are heavier swords with a wider blade. They do 90% base damage for their material and have 110% the durability. They are 2x as effective at blocking
Use: Defensive, Knight weapon

Greatsword/Bastard sword
These are huge swords, sometimes called "two-handed swords" because they require two hands to use. They do 150% the base damage for their material and have 150% normal durability. However, they're exhausting, and slow the players walking/running speed by 10% (or 5% for mithril greatswords).
Use: Offensive, Assault weapon


Blunt weapons focus on armour penetration, they do the least damage, but are well suited offensively against heavy armour.

The most primitive weapon that could be considered blunt, clubs have no special qualities, though they can block. In effect they function like weak vanilla sword, the wooden club doing the same damage as a wooden sword and the stone club doing slightly more, though not as much as the vanilla stone sword.

Maces are one-handed weapons similar to advanced, metal clubs, but with ridges or spikes often added. A mace will do the same damages as a forged sword made from the same material (that is, base damage for that material) and are 20% slower in attacking. However, 25% of the damage will ignore all armor and the mace has 50% more durability.

Morningstars are the two-handed version of maces. They do 50% more damage but cause the player to move 10% slower (5% for mithril) and hunger to increase 10% faster. They cause the player to attack 90% slower than basic attack speed.
Morningstar is often used for the ball-and-chain style mace, but the graphic and two-handed distinction implies a different meaning here.

The worst and cheapest of the more advanced blunt weapons this is basically a wooden club with metal studs or spikes attached (though the recipes implies flint is being used for these). Not exceedingly good at anything, this actually does the same damage as the primitive clubs and is 20% slower but one point of damage will ignore armor entirely. This makes it basically a wooden mace.

The warpick is a one-handed weapon resembling a hammer with a long sharp spike on the back of the head (similar to a mountain climbers pick). This gives it a blunt attack with one side while the pick side can be used to puncture armor. Warpicks do only 75% the base damage for the material type but 60% of the damage will ignore armor, making them very useful against heavily armored opponents. Warpicks also damage armor, removing one extra point of durability per attack. Warpicks attack 30% slower than the base attack speed and have 50% higher durability than the base for their material.

In a pinch warpicks can also be used as pickaxes to mine stone. However, it's not an efficient pick against hard materials - do not carry this as tool for breaking spawners, you will be very disappointed (and possibly dead) if you do.

The warhammer is the two-handed version of the warpick. They do 50% more damage than the base for their material, with 60% of that damage ignoring armor. Like warpicks they also remove one extra point of durability from the opponents armor. They attack 110% slower, making an attack take more than twice the time of a forged sword. They also cause the player to move 20% slower when wielded (10% for mithril warhammers) and hunger will increase 15% faster than normal.


Axes are pure damage weapons good for barbarian play style. They can't block or make critical hit and have penalties against armor, but do more base damage than any other class of weapons. Armor values of enemies is effectively doubled against all axes so they're a poor choice against armored opponents, though as most basic mobs have little or no armor they can be excellent for cutting through hoards a weak enemies.

In a pinch, war- and battleaxes can also be used to break wooden blocks, making them handy substitutes / multi-tools while adventuring.

A one-handed hand-axe / hatchet like weapon, this does 20% higher than base damage for its material and has 25% more durability, but is slightly slower taking 10% longer to attack than a forged sword.

The two-handed battleaxe does 50% above base damage for its material giving it the highest damage rating in the mod, has increased knock-back, and 50% higher than base durability. It attacks 70% slower that the base attack speed and players move 20% slower when one is equipped (10% slower for mithril battleaxes). Carrying a battleaxe will also cause hunger to increase 30% faster.


Polearms are weapons that attach a blade to a long pole for better reach. The extended reach makes them excellent defensive weapons, hitting and knocking back enemies before they can reach your. MineFantasy has two varieties of polearm: spears and halberds.

Except for the primitive spears (below) all MineFantasy spears are of a a fairly long variety, and for purposes of game balance are treated as two handed weapons (even if this doesn't fit many real life historical uses).
Spears do damage 20% higher than the base for their material, have 50% more durability, have greatly increase knockback and can hit enemies from three blocks further away than a typical attack. They can also be thrown by holding down the right mouse button — note that they will automatically be thrown when fully charged and cannot be held charge to throw. Spears also do extra "jousting" damage when used from a moving mount.
Spears do attack 80% slower than basic attack speed. Equipping a spear will also cause hunger to increase 10% faster, and non-mithril spears will make the player move 5% slower.

Primitive Spears
Primitive spears are shorter, do less knockback (though still more than most weapons), and only reach two extra blocks. They also are only 30% slower than the basic attack speed and cause no penalty to hunger or movement. Primitive spears do no have a jousting bonus.

Lances are long spears designed for charging on horseback. When not moving lances do only 25% the base damage of for their material, but they receive a huge jousting bonus, and can do massive damage when used from a fast mount — often insta-killing basic mobs. Lances also have massive knockback and the longest reach of any weapon in the mod, three-and-a-half extra blocks.

Equipping a lance on foot will cause the player to move 25% slower (15% for mithril lances) and loose hunger 20% faster. Using a lance while not mounted is not recommended. They cannot be thrown.

Combining a spear, axe, and hook, the halberd is the prototypical castle guards weapon. Similar to a spear, hitting enemies from three blocks further than most weapons, but with the damage of a battleaxe and slightly higher knockback. Attacks with a halberd take twice a long as a basic attack, and equipping a halberd will cause hunger to increase 15% faster while causing the player to move 15% slower (10% for mithril halberds). Halberds can also do joust damage like spears, but cannot be thrown. Unlike battleaxes halberds have no armor penalty.

Special ranged weapons

The basic bow still can be made, (Note: You have to have reached the steel age to make any of the following bows) but this mod implements a few new ones, in MineFantasy: Vanilla bows have been reduced in power:
Overall- Bows are significantly less powerful than normal, but high-tier arrows compensate.

A basic and low-cost bow, ideal for early game. (The vanilla bow now uses these traits)

Recurve Bow
These bows are made from metal, though the have slightly less power than a shortbow, they are the fastest bows available.

Composite Bow
Does a bit more damage than the standard Minecraft Bow, But has a lot more durability. This is also made from Ironbark and ebony, With ironbark better than normal, and ebony better than ironbark

Long Bow
As of Alpha, the most powerful in the game with the longest drawback speed, it fires arrows at full velocity and has maximal range.

Thowing star
Cheap and easy to throw, does 2h damage

Throwing knife
Very damaging, with about 4h damage.
Will only do full damage when it lands blade side
Hold right click to slow down spins. time it correctly to increase range

Special arrows

Reed Arrow
Will Shatter on impact. half the damage to iron arrows but are lighter.

Basic Arrow
These arrows are average range over damage, and are the lowest cost to produce

Bodkin arrows/Needle point Arrow
Bodkin arrows do less damage than normal, but weigh far less, giving them superior range.

Broadhead Arrow
Do large damage but is considerably heavier. about 3x damage to regular arrows.
If a shot is leathal. it will pierce enemies and keep going

Explosives / Bombs

These can be used strategically, some bombs can bounce, while others explode on impact. shrapnel bombs are great for clearing rooms.

By mixing the powerful dust of creepers and some coal. you can make blackpowder (it's only 2 of the 3 ingredients it has)
Black-powder has a large blast power with less environmental damage to creeper dust "That stuff is just so insane. you would have to downgrade to black powder"(Can be made with charcoal, but yields 3 instead of 4)

Paper Bomb
These are a basic explosive, doing about 1.5 hearts damage. These are renewable; making them a useful day-to-day projectile

Iron Bomb
Much more powerful with 3 hearts of damage, an iron bomb makes a useful high-power ranged weapon. upon being caught in the explosion. you will recieve a concussion; slowing speed and distorting vision for a short time.

This will bounce off surfaces.
Hold right click to delay the fuse

Shrapnel Bomb
Upgraded from the Iron Bomb: and furthermore until level III

These don't give a concussion but are extremely dangerous. upon exploding; they will release a massive number of shrapnels (multiplied by it's level) outwards. making it a wide range weapon. Each shrapnel does 1/2 heard damage. but can stack up. a point blank blast should be able to kill a basic mob.
Upgrade the bomb by putting it in the same recipe(subbing in the iron bomb)

Furthermore. a strategic use of this thrown at a high place. can cause shards to rain down on those below over a wide range with little damage. Be warned: (especially in caves) you can get hurt when using this in close quaters

High-Explosive Bomb
These expensive bombs are not for any-day purposes. They do a huge damage and range, and will clear an area.
Upgrade any Iron bomb (shrapnel or not) with this to give it high-explosive

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